One of the commonly prescribed medications for treating the problems with blood cholesterol levels, raising "good" cholesterol, or lowering "bad" cholesterol, is Simvastatin. It is often used for prophylactic purposes in order to avoid a stroke and heart attack.

People who experience heart diseases often take Simvastatin as their primary treatment, combined with diet and daily exercise. Simvastatin is a prescription medication. Before using it, you should definitely consult with your doctor.

Simvastatin medicine works by slowing down the production of cholesterol and other fatty substances in the human’s body. It helps to increase the amount of good cholesterol and lower the amount of dangerous cholesterol that occurs along the walls of the arteries and leads to atherosclerosis. Taking Simvastatin helps to prevent the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks if the patient takes the medication correctly.

Your doctor may prescribe this medicine if you have no contraindications to use it. It can be prescribed to patients 10 years of age and older. Before you are prescribed Simvastatin, you will likely need blood tests or a medical examination. Throughout the treatment course, the patients usually have to take blood tests several times to control their cholesterol levels in the blood.

Sometimes a doctor may prescribe Simvastatin to treat conditions not described in the medication's instructions for use. In this case, you should follow all the instructions for dosage and use of the drug that your doctor gives you.

Precautionary Measures

Before using the drug, you should inform your doctor about all the medicines that you have to take at this time. Tell your doctor if you have a likelihood of developing an allergy to any component of the drug.

During the course of therapy, you should avoid consuming alcohol and fatty foods. Alcohol and cholesterol-rich foods can have a negative effect on your treatment.

Tell your doctor in advance if you experience liver or kidney disease, thyroid disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes, or if you are over 65 years old.

Be sure to tell your doctor ahead of time if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. This medication is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women due to the high risk for harm to the baby.

Tell your doctor about any surgery you are planning anytime soon, including a visit to the dentist.

If you forget to take your medication, you should not take a double dose the next time you use it. Take the medicine as planned without increasing the dosage. Taking too much medicine can lead to overdosing.

Side Effects

The use of Simvastatin can cause some adverse reactions, common of which include headache, forgetfulness, confusion, constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. Side effects usually go away quickly. However, if you observe any of them, and it does not pass for a long time, then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

If you start experiencing allergy symptoms, muscle pain, discoloration of urine, loss of appetite, high body temperature, then you should immediately seek medical attention, as these symptoms are serious and dangerous for your health.

The list of side effects in this article is not complete, so before using the medicine, you should consult your doctor and get detailed information about the drug.

Method of Application

This medicine is taken once a day in the evening. Simvastatin is available in a suspension or a tablet form. If you are using the medicine in the form of a suspension, then shake it for a few seconds before use. The suspension should be taken using a special measuring spoon that comes with the drug.

Simvastatin is released together with a package insert. During the treatment, all points of the instructions and recommendations of the attending physician should be followed. The doctor can sometimes prescribe the drug for purposes not described in the instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the medicine, you should ask your doctor. Each case is different, so the dose may vary from patient to patient. Only a doctor can set your exact dose of the drug. Do not increase or decrease the dosage that the doctor has prescribed.

In conjunction with taking the medicine, you should follow a diet and exercise daily to achieve the best treatment results.

The healthcare provider can prescribe the minimum dosage at the initial stage of the treatment. Over the course of the treatment, the dosage may be increased.

You should not change your treatment yourself. Never skip a dose or stop taking it as instructed. Only your doctor can prescribe and stop medications during the treatment.

Patients taking Simvastatin should often visit a doctor and have blood tests to monitor the therapy results.


One of the important points of the treatment is following the diet and doing daily exercises. They will help not only to get rid of excess weight, but also contribute to improving the patient's appearance.

Be attentive to your health condition and tell your doctor about any symptoms you are experiencing and tell him or her about any medical conditions you have had recently. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medications or foods.

Tell the doctor what medications you are taking or have recently taken. Simvastatin can interact negatively with certain substances and drugs.

You are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages while using the medicine. Alcohol can adversely affect the action of the drug and, therefore, the effectiveness of your therapy. Avoid eating foods that are rich in fat.

Consult your doctor for complete information about Simvastatin, its side effects and contraindications. Do not take this medicine without a doctor's prescription.

Store the medicine in a safe place, far from children, and away from moisture and heat. Don't let other people use your medicines.

If you have any negative symptoms after using the medication, then consult your doctor promptly.


Simvastatin tablets or suspension are usually applied once a day. The timing of the meal is irrelevant for this drug. The recommended application time is evening time.

The tablets are taken whole with a little water. Do not chew or crack the tablet before taking it.

The suspension is taken using a special measuring spoon, which usually comes with the medicine. Shake the bottle with the medicine before taking it.

While using the drug, you should carefully follow the instructions, as well as follow all the recommendations of your doctor. If you have any questions about the use and dosage of the medication, then you should ask your doctor before starting the treatment.

The dose of the medication may change during the treatment if your doctor decides that it is necessary. At the initial stage, the dosage is usually minimal, and with time it is gradually increased.

Do not change the dose of the drug without talking to your doctor. Do not stop taking the medicine without talking to your doctor.