• Type: Statin
  • Manufacturer: Merck & Co.
  • Substance: Simvastatin
  • Dosage: 5mg / 10mg / 20mg / 40mg
  • Average Price: $154 for 30 pills

High cholesterol level in a body can lead to dangerous diseases. It is important for everybody to control blood cholesterol levels.

There are many medicines that can help to restore normal blood cholesterol levels. One of the commonly prescribed drugs to lower bad cholesterol is the prescription drug Zocor, also known as simvastatin. Zocor is often used to raise the amount of cholesterol that benefits the body. It is approved for use by people over 10 years of age.

Cholesterol problems can increase the likelihood of a stroke, so it's important to keep your cholesterol under control, do blood tests on time.


Tell your doctor if you have any kind of kidney disease. Also tell your doctor if you drink alcohol frequently. In these cases, Zocor is not suitable for you and the doctor may prescribe other medicines.

Zocor can cause kidney failure, which is rare, but sometimes occurs in elderly patients. If you have severe muscle pain and fever, you should see a doctor immediately.

Zocor is used only with a doctor's prescription. The course of the treatment is fully determined by the doctor. Patients are not allowed to independently change the treatment and the dosage of the drug. Overdosing can lead to dangerous consequences.

Before using Zocor, you must inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicines during this period of time. The drug may have negative interactions with some medications, including some drugs that influence blood cholesterol levels.

If you want to get the most positive results from your treatment and completely solve your problems with the level of cholesterol in the blood, then you must understand that just taking medications is not enough. The treatment includes exercises and a special diet that is as low in fat as possible. During the treatment, it is forbidden to eat foods containing cholesterol.

During the treatment period, you should constantly consult with your doctor and tell about any symptoms that you are experiencing.


Take Zocor once a day in the evening, every day at the same time, with a little water, regardless of food intake, according to your doctor's recommendations and the instructions for use of the drug.

If you forget to take your medicine at the scheduled time, take it when you remember. But if the time for the next medication has already come, then it is recommended to skip the forgotten dose and take the medication according to the next plan. It is forbidden to take a double dose at once, as this can cause the symptoms of an overdose.

If during the treatment you do not notice any changes and think that the medication is not working, talk to your doctor about it. Usually Zocor is taken for a long period of time until positive treatment results are achieved.

Do not stop using medicines prescribed by your doctor yourself. If you feel well and think that you have recovered, then you should continue to take the drug and complete the full treatment course.

Side Effects

Get immediate medical attention if you experience allergy symptoms after using the medication, such as rashes, skin redness, hives, and swelling.

Common side reactions of Zocor include: diarrhea, headache, cold symptoms.

Do not take Zocor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This can cause dangerous reactions for the baby. Tell your doctor in advance if you are planning to become pregnant soon.

The information about the medicine Zocor is not complete. Only your doctor can give you complete information and prescribe you the drug.



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One of the commonly prescribed medications for treating the problems with blood cholesterol levels, raising "good" cholesterol, or lowering "bad" cholesterol, is Simvastatin. It is often used for prophylactic purposes in order to avoid a stroke and heart attack.