Diet and exercise help people to improve their appearance and lose weight. However, some people have to keep a diet to cope with their health problems. Many people today suffer from diseases that arise because of high blood cholesterol levels. In this case, the usual diet is not enough. It is necessary to take special medications intended to bring cholesterol to normal levels.

One of the commonly used drugs that help to change the amount of cholesterol to normal is the drug Cholestyramine, which is a prescription medicine. When combined with daily exercise, avoiding unhealthy fatty foods, and dieting, it works best to help to treat abnormal blood cholesterol problems. It is able to raise the "good" cholesterol or lower the "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

Sometimes Cholestyramine is prescribed to the patients suffering from a high concentration of bile acid and any liver diseases, since the active component of the drug is able to exclude bile acid from the human’s body. Cholesterol is lowered if a person takes Cholestyramine, the drug makes the liver to produce a higher percentage of bile acid, which is caused by the cholesterol in the blood. Thus, the level of cholesterol in the blood is lowered.

Method of Using

The medicine is available in the form of powder that must be mixed with a liquid before use. The medication should be taken orally. Typically, the frequency of intakes varies from one to two doses of the drug per day. It is forbidden to take powder without dissolving it in the liquid.

It is recommended to dissolve the drug in 60-180 ml of any liquid. Stir the medicine thoroughly to dissolve completely and drink the entire medicine at once.

Different patients may need a different dosage of the drug. You should follow all the instructions of your doctor and inform him or her about any changes in your health that you observe.

Adverse Reactions

Common side effects may include constipation, abdominal pain, and excessive gas. Contact your doctor if you start experiencing any side effects that worry you and do not go away for a long time.

A serious reaction is an allergy such as hives, redness, swelling, and rashes. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any allergy symptoms.

More serious adverse effects may include: bleeding, trouble breathing, confusion, and severe unexplained abdominal pain. They are very rare, but if you have received any of them, then you should get medical help as soon as possible.

The information in the drugs on the Internet is for informational purposes only. To get a complete list of side effects, contraindications and recommendations for the use of a drug, you should firstly visit a doctor. Your doctor will order a blood test to find out your blood cholesterol levels. Usually, patients taking Cholestyramine must have periodic blood tests in order to find out how effective the treatment is.


You should carefully follow all the advice of your doctor. Alcohol and foods with a high percentage of fat should be avoided.

Exercise and diet daily, take the medicine at the dosage prescribed by your doctor and never change the dosage yourself.

Tell your healthcare provider about all the drugs you are taking during this period and about any symptoms you are having. During the treatment, be under the supervision of a doctor and promptly inform the doctor about any changes in your health state.

Store the medicine in a dry, cool, dark place, away from children and do not allow anyone to use your medicine.